A Place Time is Beginning to Forget

In 2020 adventures have become less adventurous. Perhaps in the future we will regale the youth of the day with tales of waiting in line for groceries or how we managed to find the one specialty wine store in the area that delivered. It also has been a tough time to be inspired to write…

Thoughts on Being Spread Out Over the Hood of a Mexican Police Car

I had a high school teacher that once told his class that you should always tuck $20 in with your driver’s licence when travelling in a foreign country. He figured no matter what happened or why the police had your permit the $20 would help solve the problem. He actually specifically said in Mexico but…

Finding Zihuatanejo in the Time of It

We frequently just call it…It. As in thirty more people got It yesterday. We know what It is. We don’t need to explain it. It has put an end to adventures as they had been. It means I stay inside all day on most days. Sometimes I watch out the window at others walking around…

Twenty Years of Visiting New York

The first real travel experience I had away from my parents was to visit New York City. It was 1998 and I was a freshman in university and some … Twenty Years of Visiting New York

The Train to London

I am not an expert by any means on British rail travel, though when conducting a very small bit of research online, I read that South Western Railway did not have the best reputation. There were tales of people being stranded in the pubs surrounding Waterloo station, some due to the trains and in others…

Postcard From Normandy

Normandy can be a rewarding and moving place to visit on your family holiday. Postcard From Normandy

A Postcard From the Mani Peninsula

The Mani Peninsula is the type of place you experience. One could not necessarily call it a holiday or vacation, simply an experience. A Postcard From the Mani Peninsula

A Trip to The Alps That Could Have Gone Better

One has not truly lived, until they have found themselves on the side of the road in Austria, in the pouring rain, performing triage on clothing and … A Trip to The Alps That Could Have Gone Better